How do people celebrate Buddha Jayanti? essay

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How do people celebrate Buddha Jayanti?

Buddhist people celebrate the Buddha Jayanti (also Buddha’s Birthday, Buddha Purnima, Vesak) festival by visiting temples of Buddha. They pray to God and perform other religious activities.

Buddha Jayanti festival is  declared as a day of holiday. Many offices and public places remain closed on this day.

Many devotees meditate on this day and worship the idol of Gautama Buddha. On this day, many people pledges to help the people in need. They donate food, sweets, clothes, and money to the people in need.

People offer flowers, fruits, and water to the idol of Buddha. The offering of water over the idol symbolizes pure and a new beginning of life.

On this day, some people wear the traditional white robes. They prefer to eat vegetarian food only.

On the occasion of Buddha Jayanti, many people set free the imprisoned animals. It symbolizes the message of universal love and concern for all.

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