How does Pollution affect our Health? essay

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How does Pollution affect our Health?

Pollution is the major cause for many health issues. Many disastrous calamities are the direct outcome of pollution. Science confirms with concrete statistics that pollution is the main cause for many a foul disease.

  • The alarming pollution of air affects our respiratory organs.
  • Hypertension, high blood pressure, and other cardiac problems are aggravated by air and sound pollution.
  • Deafness, nervous disorder and other neurological disorders may be caused by acute sound pollution.
  • Polluted water causes several water-borne diseases.
  • Dysentery, gastro-entities, cholera, etc. are caused by polluted water. Pure water can save us from many ailments.
  • Land pollution is equally harmful.
  • The industrial wastes that vitiate the ponds, rivers and the seas ultimately do incalculable harm to human beings.

It is a proven fact the most of our diseases are in direct relation with pollution. Let us pause and ponder over the problem of pollution and work accordingly.

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