How is Raksha Bandhan Festival Celebrated? essay

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How is Raksha Bandhan Festival Celebrated?

As befitting a celebration of fraternal and sisterly love, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated by reconnecting with our siblings – and with those people whom we love as if they were our siblings.

Relaxing at home, spending quality time together, and perhaps sending a message, card or small gift are great ways of celebrating this festival.

In addition, a key aspect of this festival’s celebrations involves the giving of sacred bands, bracelets and woven threads. These bands are traditionally known as Rakhi. The sister ties the sacred thread or bands on his brother’s right wrist as a sign of love. These bands symbolize the bonds between siblings and they can be worn throughout the year, not just on the festival. The brother vows to always love and protect his sister.

Raksha Bandhan is a festival celebrated in the above ways by people of several religions, including Hindus and Buddhists. Jains also celebrate this festival by giving bands and bracelets. In the case of Jain celebrations, though, the giving of bands is done between priests and followers. Here, the bands symbolize the bond between the Jain priest and the Jain devotees.

Note: Raksha Bandhan is generally celebrated in the month of August on the day of ‘Shravan Purnima’ according to Hindu calendar.

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