How to arrange a picnic

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How to arrange a picnic

Many of us often go on a picnic and enjoy much. But before going on a picnic we have to maintain some formalities. The formalities are as follows: first we have to form a picnic committee, choose a picnic spot and fix a date unanimously. Secondly the committee will be divided into several groups to do different kinds of things such as collecting subscription , purchasing food items , hiring bus and mike, cooking , arranging games and cultural Programmes , making banner and bags etc. thirdly the committee will fix the amount of subscription through discussion. The fund raising committee will collect the subscription from all the members within the fixed date. Fourthly the purchasing group will complete purchasing of all items. The other groups will also discharge their duties in time. Finally when everything is okay we have to start for the picnic spot on the fixed date from the fixed with a joyful mind.

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