How to be a Good Parent?

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How to be a Good Parent?

A good parent is someone who looks after their children well. Being a good parent involves numerous different skills.

There is no single way to be a good parent, as all individuals are unique – both parents and children. But, there are certainly some key qualities of good parents like the 5 characteristics of a good parent listed below.

1. Unconditional Love and acceptance.

Love is absolutely fundamental to good parenting. A good parent will surround their children with unconditional love and will act in a loving way towards them at all times. If we do not act with love, then we cannot possess the other qualities of a good parent that are listed below.

2. Celebrate the uniqueness of every child.

A truly good parent appreciates their child for who they really are. They do not just love their child for themselves, but they celebrate that uniqueness and support their child to help them to become whoever they want to be. Sometimes, you hear parents saying that they want their child to be a doctor or a lawyer when they grow up – before their child can even speak – and then they try their hardest to make their child follow that career path whether the child wants to or not. This can lead to a child that feels unhappy and resentful. A good parent, though, will let a child discover for themselves what they want to be, and will support them on that all important journey of discovery.


3. Practical and Moral Education.

A good parent will educate their children – both about practical things and about what is right and what is wrong. In order to be a good parent, then, we must take care to always give our children correct information about the world.

4. Material and Financial support.

Good parenting is not just about emotions, it is also about providing the material things that a child needs. Food, clothing and shelter are all essentials that no child can live without. Moreover, parents will often continue supporting their children financially as they grow up and head off to study at university or college.

5. Fairness.

Good parents are always fair. They praise their children when they have done well and discipline them without being severe when they have done something wrong. If a parent has more than one child, they will treat all of their children fairly and will not pamper one child over and above the others or treat one child as if it is more important than the others.


Good parenting is so important because it can have such a huge impact on a person’s happiness when they grow up to be an adult. The foundation of all good parenting is love, and all of the qualities of a good parent flow from this foundation. Is there anything that you would add to the above list of characteristics of a good parent? Perhaps you have children yourself and have found the above qualities of a good parent to be vitally important to your relationship with them?


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