How to Control Water Pollution? essay

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How to Control Water Pollution?

Water pollution means the contamination of water bodies. These water bodies include rivers, oceans, groundwater, lakes, and rivers. You can use a broad range of implementable and simple ways to control the pollution of water resources.

Below are 25 ways to control water pollution.

1. Keep out fat, grease, or oils from your sink.

2. Do not flush contaminated drugs, liquids, medications, or pills down the drain.

3. Do not use your toilet as a bin.

4. Use detergents or bleach minimally.

5. Reduce the usage of pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides.

6. Ensure proper sewage management and treatment.

7. Trash appropriately.

8. Do dot dump into any water system directly.

9. Conserve water always.

10. Always use environmentally friendly products.

11. Plant trees to reduce the speed of the surface water.

12. Ensure that your car is well maintained. Also, reuse automobile oil.

13. Give maximum support to green-oriented companies.

14. Use super energy saving washing machines.

15. De-clog the drains naturally.

16. Opt for reusable and recyclable options.

17. Avoid the use of plastics.

18. Dispose batteries, antifreeze, and motor oil at specific collection points.

19. Your boat should be maintained well in case you have one.

20. Wash when there is a full load only.

21. Pick up any pet waste.

22. Encourage organic farming.

23. Install water-efficient domestic appliances.

24. Notify the local water conservation and protection authorities any time you notice water pollution activities.

25. Participate actively in water conservation and pollution prevention.

The above are 25 ways to control water pollution.

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