How to do well in the examination

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How to do well in the examination

Every student has a desire to cut a good figure in the examination. For this a student has to be concerned of the following things. A student should be attentive in the class. He should be regular and punctual. He should be serious in his studies from the beginning of the year. He should study a lot. He needs to prepare his lessons in time. A student must not put of me his studies for the next day. He should be careful of his time and utilize it properly. He should try to understand the subject matters. He should avoid memorizing the answers. Memorized knowledge will not help him to obtain good marks. He should read the books thoroughly. A clear concept of a subject will help him to answers the questions properly. Moreover, a student should make his own notes on the topics. He should read the lessons well and write it down. He must revise what he reads and writes. He should practice the lessons more and more. The also has to be accustomed to write free hands. He must have a good command over the language. This skill helps him to answer if there are any uncommon questions. To achieve the expected result, a student should cling to his studies all the year round. By being sincere to his duties, a student can do well in the examination.

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