How to Empower Women in India?

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How to Empower Women in India?

How to empower Women?

To ’empower women” means to authorize power or increase the overall position, status and condition of women in every spheres of life.

Empowerment of Women would result in better and more developed society. When women contribute equally along with men for the benefit of society, the world would surely become a better place to live.

Today more and more females is studying in schools and colleges and also go abroad for higher studies. Women are increasing commanding better position in the society.

There are several ways to empower women; some of them are discussed below:

1. Create safe workplaces: Women can be empowered through the creation of safe working environment.  The workplaces should be safe for the female members of the society. People will like to send their daughters and wives to work if they are assured of safe environment at workplaces.

2. Women education: By educating women, economy of the country increases. It has been seen from the last few decades that involvement of educated women in various activities help the country to move towards economic and social development.

  • Female education also contribute towards health and well-being of the family.
  • By getting education, women also contribute to the national income of the country.
  • The can afford to offer quality nutrition to their children.
  • Educated women are considered active in politics as well.
  • They know their rights and are able to defend themselves better.

3. Raise voice against gender inequality: Women can be empowered by decreasing the gender inequalities or disparities in all sectors of the society especially in education sectors.

4. Job skills (Vocational training): Proper training should be provided to women’s for better results.

5. Create more part-time job opportunities: There should be greater number of part-time job opportunities. In India, mostly women are housewives so they do not get any opportunity for full-time work. Hence, more part-time and flexible jobs should be created so that more and more women get engaged into commercial activities.

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