How to follow the rules of health

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How to follow the rules of health

Good health is a blessing for us. A sound health in the key to success. To achieve sound health we must follow the rules of health, we should also take some physical exercise. This will make us strong and stout and enable us work hard. We have to take proper rest otherwise we will become sick due to hard work. We should not keep up late at night and go to bed in time. Keeping up late at night may tell upon our health. Moreover, we have to cultivate the habit of getting up from bed early in the morning. So that, we can go out monotonous works always. We should try to enjoy our leisure. Cleanliness is another precondition of good health. We should try keeping ourselves neat and clean. To possess a good health, we should follow there rules of health sincerely. These will help us to lead a happy life.

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