How to learn to swim

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How to learn to swim

Two years ago I did not know how to swim. One day I went to our village home with my father. It was rainy season. There was water everywhere. It is a common matter that flood visits our country almost every year. So everybody should learn swimming to save his life. Going our village home I decided to learn swimming. In the village we had a big but shallow pond. I disclosed my desire to my cousin Jony can swim well. He agreed to teach me swimming. First he took me to the pond and put his hands under my belly. Then, asked me to cast my hands and feet. Io began to drive my hands and feet very quickly. Next he set his hands free from my belly but I could not understand it. After that I continued for several days in the same ways. Finally, I could know how to swim. My first day’s practice was an interesting experience. I cannot forget it even today.

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