How to make a cup of tea

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How to make a cup of tea

Tea is a good drink no doubt. It removes our fatigue. We entertain our guests with a cup of tea. But many of us do not know how to make a cup of tea. To make a cup of tea is not a hard matter. First he has to take one and a half cup of water into a kettle. Then he has to put the kettle over a stove and heat it until the water is boiled. Next he has to put two tea spoonfuls of pulverized tea leaves into the hot water. After that he has to take aside kettle from the stove when the water has turned into red colour. Finally he has to pour the liquor into the cup through a strainer. He has to mix some sugar and milk with the liquor and stir it until the sugar is dissolved. In this how a cup of tea is prepared. But in case of lemon tea he to add some lemon juice instead of milk.

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