How to make a garden

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How to make a garden

Making a garden is a very interesting job. Many students have the hobby of gardening. Again many students do not know how to make a garden. A student has to follow the rules to make a garden as follows: First he has to select suitable pieces of land preferably in front of his reading room. The he has to make the soil loose with a spade and level it with a ladder. He has to put manure in the land. Next he has to sow the seeds of different flowers and vegetables according to his plan. After that he has to make a fence around the garden to protect it from the animals or naughty boys. Finally he has to work in the garden in the morning and evening daily. He should give water, weed out the grasses, put insecticides if necessary etc. this is the way of making a garden. Anyone can make a good garden by following the way.

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