How to Recycle E-waste?

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How to Recycle E-waste?

E-waste can be recycled by adopting the following measures:

1. Sell used gadgets: We usually throw away our electronic gadgets when they are totally not working. A better option is to sell your old gadgets to electronic stores.

2. Repair and Reuse electronic items: If your old gadget is repairable and can still be function-able for another year or two, then you should repair it and reuse it instead of buying a new one.

3. Buy environment friendly electronics: There are plenty of environment friendly and durable electronics available in the market. You should choose the best products so that you don’t have to buy new ones again and again, increasing the number of gadgets you own.

4. Try to increase the longevity of electronic gadgets: Handle your electronic gadget with care and use it as much as you can. Some people change their phones every six months even if the phone is in proper condition. If everyone would try to use their gadgets for a long time, then E-Waste accumulation will automatically be in control.

5. Sharing your electronics with others: You might have heard people saying ‘sharing is caring”. Instead of throwing away your old workable phones you can share it with your friends or relatives. This way you are showing care towards your friends/relatives and also the environment!

6. Satisfy your curiosity: If you are curious to know what is inside your phone, then you can keep your old phone in your house and examine the interior studying the concepts with the help of internet.

7. Awareness Programs should be organized: If you can organize awareness programs which deal with educating people about the various environmental hazards caused by e-wastes, then you should not step back. If you cannot organize such programs, then you should at least motivate people to take part in such activities for gaining information and taking right actions.

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