Humayun vs. Sher Khan essay

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Humayun vs. Sher Khan

Sher Khan, an Afghan chief of the Sur dynasty, took full advantage of this situation. Hence in the reign of Babur’s son, Humayun, there was a recrudescence of hostilities between the Mughals and Afghans.

Sher Khan defeated Humayun, hounded him out of India and brought about a revival of the Afghan power. But this restoration of the Afghan supremacy proved to be short-lived.

Sher Khans successors were weak and could not maintain their power for long. Humayun became active again and brought about the restoration of the Mughal power to a certain extent.

Final victory under Akbar: It was left to the son of Humayun, Akbar to complete his half-finished work. This Akbar did by his victory at the second battle of Panipat. Thus, the history of India during the intervals between the first two battles of Panipat (1526-1556 A.D.) is largely a tale of the Mughal-Afghan contest for supremacy.

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