Importance of Advertising in India

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Importance of Advertising in India

Advertising in India has today gained a exceptional significance.

In fact the modern India cannot do without advertisement. Formally the newspapers, house magazine and television were means of advertising. But with the advent of the online advertising, it has involved to life and culture as it did never before. Education, science, competitions, domestic living and even kitchen menu are now under the remote control of the advertisers.

Commercial competitive spirit in India has generated a culture in which each product claims to hold its own.

But today the commodities of use have become scientific, and have to be properly advertised.

The educated person in India relies on facts. These facts can be displayed through various advertising medium. The hygienic values of food stuffs, their components and the process of preparation can attract the customers through sensible advertisement.

India suffers from an imbalance resulting in various kinds of fatal diseases. Advertisement is exceedingly needed to warn men about their habits and their evil consequences. Only through advertisements like cartoon pictures, photographs, etc. on social network and television can such health-hazards are avoided. Again these days the manner, in which the importance of iodine in food to prevent goiter, and the importance of triple-anti injections for new-born is telecast, shows the importance of advertising in India.

Consumers are clever and the act of selling products through advertising gimmicks would not work in India.

Advertising helps Indian consumers to have the knowledge of the large varieties of services and products. They get wide choices to choose. Knowledge is opening new and ever new fronts.

The major sources of revenue of news channels and bloggers are though advertisement. These media survives because of advertisement. Naturally, if there were no advertising media, the largest cross-section of human beings would be deprived of these resources.

Advertising has proved itself to be an indispensable component of a healthy Indian economy.

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