Importance of Blood Donation

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Importance of Blood Donation

With a massive growth in the world population, there has also been an alarming rise in diseases. Mortality rates are constantly fluctuating. Hospitals are always in dire need of transplants and donations. In such a scenario, donating blood is our duty, as a fellow human being. It should be a voluntary, heartfelt gesture. If we can spare some blood and save a life, why not do it?

Many factors determine one’s ability to donate blood, as well as a patient’s ability to receive blood. Firstly, blood type has to be a match. Some blood types like O and AB are rarer than the others. It is integral that people with these blood types donate as much as they can because clinics do not usually have a large store of these blood types. Secondly, certain measures have to be taken by the donor to ensure that the infection does not spread. Urgent situations require an abundance of blood supply. Our unwillingness to donate could equal to someone being in a critical condition or even losing their life. Individual differences exist in a patient’s health condition. Some people may require more platelets; others may require red blood cells. Blood donations enable a patient to receive treatment that fits their condition, thereby, speeding their recovery. Donations also assist surgeons in carrying out safe surgery. They can make use of the large supply of suitable blood type, in order to operate on an individual. Donated blood can be stored up to a specific period of time. To battle the issue of shelf life, we need to make sufficient contributions.

We are fortunate to be leading a healthy life, and our blood is constantly regenerating. By donating blood, we are showing our concern for the welfare of others. We are helping to build a healthier and safer environment for all.

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