Importance Of Discipline

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Importance Of Discipline

Importance Of Discipline

The word ‘Discipline” comes from the word ‘Disciple” meaning a learner. Discipline means tearing to obey certain rules. Without it, there will be complete chaos and disorder everywhere in our society.

Discipline is of great importance in every walks of our life. Without it, we cannot prosper in this world. There cannot be any peace or happiness in the family, if there is no discipline. All the members must obey the head of the family. So we must first learn the lesson of discipline at home.

We must obey the orders of our superiors. In our childhood, we do not know what is good for us. If we do as we like, then we shall be ruined. An army cannot win a battle if the soldiers do not obey the orders of the commander.

Every student should practice discipline in his school life. The teachers cannot properly teach in the class if the students are not disciplined. Just think of an school, where the students come at irregular hours, go home when it suits their sweet will. Little education can be imparted in such a school and such little education will not be of any use. Students will not be able to prepare themselves for examination, and their results will be poor.

Discipline is also necessary in a man’s individual life. Without self discipline a man can never shine and succeed in life. In public life, discipline is of great value. A nation cannot rise, if the people do not know the value of discipline. People must follow their leaders. If people go on according to their own wishes, there, cannot be any order and no useful work can be done by them.

An organization cannot be successful if the people do not obey its laws and rules. Similarly, no play is possible, if the players do not follow the rules in the play ground. The leader must learn to rule him. If he cannot rule himself, he cannot rule others.

Discipline is very important in the battle field. If there is no discipline among the soldiers, they cannot win any battle. They do great harm to the country. The country becomes weak. A disciplined army is great source strength to the country.

It has also to be remembered that those who are not disciplined themselves cannot expect obedience from others when they themselves are put in power. As everybody hopes to rise to power this should teach to submit to discipline in their own lives.

Thus, nobody can ignore the importance of discipline. It should be tight among the students at an early age.

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