Importance of education

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Importance of education

Education in the process by which our mind develops through formal learning at an institution like a school, collage, or university. It is mental and intellectual training which provides opportunities of growth and helps to overcome obstacles to progress. Therefore, it is often compared to light which removes the darkness of ignorance and helps us distinguish between right and wrong. The prophet Mohammed (SM) equated one literate non-believer with ten illiterate believers. The task of education is to create a complete citizen, physically, mentally and morally, and prepare him for a profession whereby he could earn his own livelihood and contribute to the society. Education is one of the most important social phenomenon’s which make sure that the individual is prepared from an early age to acquire values, knowledge and practical skills within a particular culture. Uneducated people can’t keep pace with the advanced countries. They don’t know the modern advanced technology. In every sphere of their life, they follow old methods and systems. They have no sense of right and wrong. They aren’t aware of their responsibilities. Their outlook on life is very narrow. They don’t know how to lead a decent life. Illiteracy is a curse because illiteracy is hindrance to our development programme. It baffles all our concerted effort for development. Thus, illiteracy retards the way of development. It is education which teaches a man to fight against all the problems of life. If all the people become educated, they will be able to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way to development. By receiving true education we all can build a happy, peaceful and prosperous future.

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