Importance of Football Game In Bengal

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Importance of Football Game In Bengal

Importance of Football Game In Bengal

In Bengal, Football is considered as a religion. A football match is good both for the players and for the spectators.

The will and craze of the people of Bengal to win a football match is parallel. This will and craze for football motivates them for important for the achievement of success in life. It is good for the spectators because it brings to their life enthusiasm. Football match perhaps is the most popular of all games all over the world. It attracts hundreds of thousands of eager and curious spectators. The popularity is due to the concentration of thrills and excitement within the space of an hour one and half which the game takes. It is purely a team game. Here united effort of eleven players decides the destiny of the game. Secondly, football is not at all-time consuming. It is usually a play of a half an hour. Thirdly, the game beats for a half an hour. Fourthly the game of football provides the players with physical exercise. It is the simple technicalities of the game for which it is so popular. The game is not expensive. Just a football and a field are all which we need to play the game.

The Gelora Senayam (formerly Sukarno) stadium became the lucky venue for Indian Football when East Bengal, after a lapse of 41 years won an international tournament on foreign soil, beating BEC Tero Sasana of Thailand by 3-1 goals. President of the Bengal Olympic Association described East Bengal’s victory of great day in Indian Soccer. The performance of East Bengal team was hailed by the Chief Minister and the Governor of West Bengal. Everybody praised loudly and highly of Subhas Bhowmick’s role as coach of the club. The East Bengal fans and others gave a grand midnight reception to the returning players.

Football plays an important role in lifting the Bengali people from the dull monotony of their common place life.

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