Importance of Fundamental Duties essay

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Importance of Fundamental Duties

The Fundamental Duties are an important part of Indian Constitution. The duties prescribed, embody some of the highest ideals preached by our great saints, philosophers, social reformers and political leaders.

No Duties of the Citizen were incorporated in the original constitution of India at the time of its commencement in 1950. These duties were inserted subsequently by amending the constitution in 1976 (42nd Amendment Act.) to regulate the behaviour of the citizens and to bring about excellence in all the spheres of the citizens.

Just as the directive Principle of State Policy lay down guidelines for the various governments, similarly the fundamental duties are calculated to draw the attention of the citizens towards the duties they owe to the nation and to one another.

But the Indian constitution does not provide for the enforcement of the duties. There is no provision in the constitution for direct enforcement of any of the above duties. Neither has there a provision in the constitution for any sanction to prevent the violation of duties, nor any to enforce fundamental duties by issuing writs. However, since these Fundamental Duties are mentioned in the constitution, there is scope for further constitutional amendments.

However, these duties can be used for interpreting ambiguous statutes as decided in the Headmaster vs. Union of India, 1983.

In the way of conclusion it must be said that in a vast country like India, made of the people of different races, castes, religious, languages, communities, etc. the need for maintaining national unity and integrity is of primary importance. It in this context that the Fundamental Duties of the citizens and, particularly, the duty to uphold and protect the sovereignty, unity and integrity of our country [Article 51A (c)] assumes paramount importance. It reminds the citizens that the rights cannot exist without duties.

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