Importance of Gold

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Importance of Gold

Gold is a metal. It is not common like other metal. It is the most precious of all metals. It is generally found in mines. Hence, it is called a mineral substance. It is also found in river beds.

Gold is found in many parts of the world. In India, gold is chiefly found in Karnataka. The gold fields of Karnataka are known as the Kolar gold fields. Gold is also found in the beds of some rivers in India.

Gold is not found in a pure state. It is generally mixed up with silver or lead. It is dug out from mines. It is then purified and we get pure gold. In the river beds, grains of gold are mixed up with sand. He sand is washed and we get grains of pure gold.

Gold is bright and shining metal. It can be beaten into a thin leaf by striking with a hammer. It can also be drawn out into a wire. It can be melted by heating it very much. It does not rust like iron. It is the heaviest of all metals. It can be highly polished. It is not a very hard metal. Hence pure gold is not used in making ornaments or coins. A little silver or copper is mixed with gold to make it hard. The mixture is called an alloy.

Gold is useful to us. Ornaments and coins are made of gold. Watches, chains, cups dishes and many other things are sometimes made of gold. Gold is also used in preparing medicines. It is used as a medium of exchange in international trade. It is used in the famous Ayurvedic medicine called” Makaradhwaj”. The country which has gold mines is rich. Many people work in the gold mines. So he mining of gold is a very useful industry.

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