Importance of Library essay

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Importance of Library

A library is a building or a room containing many books for reading and reference. Public libraries have a large collection of books which people can read and borrow as members or subscribers.

The National Library has the largest collection of books of all types and numerous journals. To scholars and researches, it is an indispensable source of knowledge and up-to-date information.

The British council libraries as well as American libraries in various cities in India contain foreign books of various types. They fulfill the academic requirements of student, and also provide mental recreation through novels and story-books. Readers have to renew their membership cards every year.

The importance of library in schools is immense. There should be at least one library in every school, whether it is a primary, secondary or higher secondary school. The school library should be updated regularly. There should be introduction of new version of books at regular intervals. The books that contain the latest information and bases on the latest syllabus should only be kept in the library. When students get ample opportunity to study in a calm atmosphere with appropriate infrastructure, then it will result in better result at the exams.

There is need of libraries in both cities and villages. In recent times, the issue of Adult literacy has been raised by many. These adults who want to get themselves educated, can go to these libraries and educate themselves.

In the contest of library, the role and importance of a librarian deserves special mention. Even a small library must have a librarian. The librarian’s task is to arrange the books systematically according to subjects in different shelves. He or she makes a catalogue of books and authors alphabetically. Each is given an accession number. There must be a register to record the issues and return of books. In big libraries there are several library assistants to help the librarian. They possess a degree of a recognized institution teaching librarianship.

Modern libraries are computerizing the system of work. Gradually CDs (Compact Disc) may replace voluminous books like encyclopedias. Readers will just touch one or two keys or click the mouse to get the necessary information flashed on the monitor.

It is very important to acquire the habit of regularly visiting the library. Whatever the teachers teach should be supplemented with library-work. That makes study both sound and satisfactory.

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