Importance Of Profession essay

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Importance Of Profession


A Man’s life and future is depended on the his profession (or vocation) and right choice of profession is important. Man has to earn his living, and different persons do this in different ways, which are their profession or vocations in life. Formerly, there was no question of choice in the matter. The profession of a man was generally determined by the profession of his family or father. Thus, a weaver’s son be-came a weaver, a carpenter’s son became a carpenter; a shopkeeper’ son became a shop keeper etc. Even in the learned professions, doctors, lawyers, administrators etc. desired their children to step into their shoes.

But with the spread of education and growing complexity of social forces, men have been compelled to take up works quite different from those of their fathers or grandfathers. The profession of a man has, therefore, become a matter of individual choice. As the future of a man’s life depends on this choice, great care has to be given to it.

The most important thing necessary for a wise choice of profession is to note the natural aptitude of a person from his childhood. No one should he put to a course that does not suit his taste or abilities. If a boy who shows a talent for mechanical devices is put on the medical line or legal profession, he may prove a failure. But he has every chance of shining as an engineer. One who is inclined to ease and comforts is unfit for business or professions like engineering.

Sometimes it is difficult to make a proper decision. The ability of some develops rather late in life. Poverty may stand in the way of some pussing aptitude. Still it may be laid clown as a general rule that ‘career is open to talent‘. So a young man must choose his profession with great care. Once a line has been chosen, he must follow it with firm determination. Firm determination for a chosen profession is very important.

He must not lose heart or give it up at a few upsets. He should bear in mind the proverbs: ‘A rolling stone gathers no moss” and ‘slow and steady wins the race‘. These will give him strength to overcome the initial difficulties and soon lead him to success in life.

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