Importance of television

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Importance of television

Television is a great wonder of modern science. It is one of the most important invention of science, which has absorbed millions of minds. It has both entertainment and educational utilities.

Importance: Both person, whether rich or poor, wants to possess a television set. People feel that life is meaningless without a television.

There are various programs shown on the small screen of the television. These programs are of different kinds for different kinds of audiences such as old, young and children. There are programs for films, film songs, serials, etc.

Television programs have huge education value. There are programs for farmers, doctors, businessmen, teachers, lawyers, officers and people of other professions. This way there are different kinds of programs for different kinds of people.

Apart from this there are regular programs for the education of the youth. There are educational programs showing developments in science, agriculture, art, literature and other subjects.

Television is an important source of entertainment and relaxation. People all over the country, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, eagerly watch their favorite television serial. There are various types of television channels in addition to the regular news channels in Hindi and English.

Conclusion: There are various kinds of television sets made by different companies which the people are using. But whatever may be the set, its attraction for the people are the same. Nothing can be more wonderful than sitting at home and seeing people around the world. The usage of Television has been very popular throughout the world.

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