Importance of Tolerance

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Importance of Tolerance

Tolerance is a great virtue. An intolerant man invites avoidable hostility. But this does not mean that one should not voice one’s protest against the wrong done to any individual or society. To abstain from protesting against wrong-doing in the name of tolerance is a kind of cowardice.

Tolerance does not mean cowardice. Tolerance consists in allowing people to exercise their rights, religious or constitutional. Tolerance teaches us to exercise restraint in sensitive matters.

Tolerance is the fruit of education. Illiteracy is the number one enemy of tolerance. Intolerance has struck root in our society because a vast number of people of our country are illiterate. Illiteracy begets superstition and blind faith. Illiteracy is stagnant water where the fanatics lay eggs of intolerance. Intolerance would bear no fruit. It is mass education that can teach man to be tolerance.

Religious tolerance in India: India is a vast country. The people of India speak different languages and practice different religions. But India has a glorious tradition of living peacefully. India maintains unity in diversity throughout the ages.

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