Importance of Wheel in our daily life

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Importance of Wheel in our daily life

The discovery of round object, called the wheel, appears to be the most significant impact in our daily life.

During its early stages it must have revolutionized the life-style of mankind. Before the discovery of wheel, the main source of movement must have been the two legs and the animals. The horse, the ass and the cattle were his principal sources of communication.

Naturally human mobility was, perforce, confined to a limited area and life was leisurely. But with the advent of the wheel, a new spirit of exploration and joy must have inspired mankind.

The wheels thus brought mobility to our daily life. All the modes of our daily transportation such as car, bicycle, scooter, train and even airplane needs wheel. The airplane cannot take off without the wheel. The wheel functions as a turbine in engines and machines to lend them mechanical advantage.

Even in daily life this wheel serves us loyally as a friend. Village women feel much at ease as they draw water from the wells with the advantage of the pulley. Again, whether as a domestic apparatus or in the flour mills, it is the wheel that comes to our aid.

Modern age is one of science. Even the medical science acknowledges of the importance wheel. The wheel-chair has brought a new life to the physically disabled due to deformed legs.

We are all familiar with the happy sight of disabled boys and girls that go to schools and colleges on their specifically designed vehicles. They are kinds of rickshaws in which the design is reversed. Of the two hands of the disabled man, one functions as the paddle, while the other controls the lever for direction. The wheel-chairs are lifted on board the aircraft and distance proves no bar.

Wheel is a wonderful invention and added the wings of mobility to our daily life.

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