Important Places to visit in Ujjain – Tourism in Madhya Pradesh

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Important Places to visit in Ujjain – Tourism in Madhya Pradesh

Ujjain can be reached from Bhopal by a 190 kms road (via NH86). Ujjain and Bhopal are also connected by a railway line. Ujjain is famous for tourist attractions. The most important places to visit in Ujjain are given below:

Mahakal Temple: Next to the bathing ghats ranks in sanctity the Mahakal Temple which is believed to have been built several centuries ago. It was restored in the eighteenth century. The principal deity worshipped in the shrine is Shiva. One of the twelve holiest of lingams (Jyotirlingam) is kept within its precincts.

Gopal Mandir (Gopal Temple): Another attractive shrine is the Gopal Mandir in the heart of the market area. Built in 1833, this temple, dedicated to Krishna, boasts of a beautiful silver idol of the god, and also of impressive doors made of the same metal. The shrine is surmounted by an attractive marble spire.

Banks of Shipra River: There is a steady stream of pilgrim traffic to Ujjain throughout the year. Women dressed in bright colored saris pray on the banks of the Kshipra (also Shipra river), burn incense, and throw into the river coconuts and flowers wrapped in red cloth. They feed lentils to the sacred tortoises floating lazily in the river. Brahmin priests help men pilgrims in offering prayers to the souls of their ancestors. Balls of wheat flour and the white and black seeds of the sesame plant are flung into the river as offerings.

Jantar Mantar: The old Hindu observatory known as the Jantar Mahal to the south of Ujjain is well worth a visit. Erected by Maharaja Jaisingh II of Jaipur in 1733, a famous astronomer, the observatory contains gigantic and quaint masonry instruments. One of them shows the correct time by the shadow cast by a column on one of the two flights of curved stairs on either side. Another instrument forecasts eclipses, while a third shows the movement of the sun toward the Tropic of Cancer or the Tropic of Capricorn. Situated in the midst of an exquisite flower garden the observatory is extremely attractive.

Kaliadeh Palace: The Kaliadeh Palace, situated six miles north of the city on a picturesque island between the two arms of the Kshipra River, was formerly used as a pleasure resort by the Sultans of Malwa. It was originally a Hindu temple dedicated to the Sun God. The carved stones of the old buildings have been incorporated in the massive bridge which spans the western arm of the river. The palace contains interesting kiosks and pavilions. A pleasing feature is a system by which the waters of the river are led through fancifully shaped conduits into numerous tanks and then allowed to fall over sculptured stone screens.

Bharthari Cave: About 4 miles from the city on the way to Kaliadeh Palace is the Bharthari Cave, an 11th century temple of Shiva. Near the cave is the site of archaeological excavations where the remains the ancient Ujjain are being unearthed.

Holy places near Ujjain: About 2 miles from the city of Ujjain is a hallowed spot marked by a temple where Lord Krishna, the author of the famous philosophical treatise, the Bhagwad Gita, his brother Balaram and his friend Sudama received instruction from Shri Sandapani, a renowned teacher.

Another 2 miles from the Ashram is Shri Mangalnath temple, marking the site of the first meridian of Hindu geographers.

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