Important Uses of Fire

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Important Uses of Fire

Important Uses of Fire 

Fire serves the human society in various ways. Some important uses of fire are as follows:

  1. For warmth,
  2. For lighting the dark corners,
  3. For cooking,
  4. For warding off wild animals,
  5. For ultra-modern thermal power plants to generate electricity and the like.
  6. For producing steam to be used in different modern technologies,

The Eskimos, the Siberians, the north Indian tribal people living in higher altitudes, require fire to keep them warm, especially during the hours of snow-fall.

In cold countries, room-heaters and fire-places are placed inside the living rooms to save them from chill wintery climate.

The hunters and food-gatherers use fire to cook different types of roots, tubers, and meat which are hard to bite and swallow. Thus he makes them edible for processing through fire.

The tribal people and also advanced groups require fire to light darkness. They are not nocturnal and that is why they could not see well in the darkness of the night which other animals are naturally capable of.

The Eskimos require oil-lamps which contain animal fat, tinder being dry twisted moss.

In most part of the rural India where modern electricity could not reach as yet, the local people use oil-lamps and lanterns.

Due to massive load-shedding in the cities, the city-dwellers follow the age-old practice of lighting by means of kerosene lamps.

The tribal groups who live in the midst of dense forests, the use fire ward off wild prawling animals, especially during the night.

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