Indian Clay Pottery (Bengal Handicraft)

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Indian Clay Pottery (Bengal Handicraft)

Clay pottery is an ancient craft in India. The art of Clay Pottery grew along with the Civilization. Thus, the history of clay pottery is as old as the history of human civilization.

Pottery has a unique tempting appeal. Its association with religion and usage in religious ceremonies has given a deeper significance and a wider dimension.

The traditional folk art of Indian Clay Pottery, particularly of Bengal, is considered exceptional and best in the world. Indian are reflects the fusion of Social and religions conditions prevalent during the contemporary period when they were made.

The remains of Archaeological findings suggest that the artists of Clay Pottery in India had high degree of skill even during the in Neolithic ages. The Harappan potters were well versed in the techniques of both wheel pottery and moulded pottery.

The archaeological finds at Bengal have proved that the same degree of skill and excellence were achieved by Bengal potters too in those remote past days.

The traditional potters had been working on their wheels and had been turning out numerous items of clay products to cater to domestic and religious needs of the community. There has not been much change in the techniques, but they have been able to satisfy the growing needs of the people and enjoyed a very respectable place in the village community.

Domestic pottery is still being produced in various shapes and sizes, and is inseparable from any Indian scene.

An Indian woman is accustomed to place a special pot in her hand for almost all special purpose.

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