Indian Fox (Bengal Fox) essay

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Indian Fox (Bengal Fox)

Indian Fox is also known as Bengal Fox. The scientific name of Indian Fox is Vulpes bengalensis.

Foxes are often described as clever and cunning animals in fairy-tales and fables. They are skilful in eluding their enemies and in tracking down their prey.

They are nocturnal animals, sleeping during the day and hunting at night, singly or in pairs. The fox has a language of sound and smell through which it communicates with others.

The Indian fox is grey colored with slender limbs, a black tipped tail and triangular ears. It is found throughout India except in the extreme north-western borders and inhabits the scrublands and agricultural fields. The fox feeds on rats, reptiles, crabs, termites, and also fruits. Hunting for its skin and flesh and excessive use of pesticides in agricultural fields has greatly depleted its population.

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