International women’s day

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International women’s day

Women are the worst suffers. Disparity between man and women is going on. It begins at their birth. It is thought that girls are seen engaged in heavy physical labour. They do not get the right food. They are totally denied the opportunities of education. They are deprived of economic, social, political and educational rights. In a word they are deprived of all human basic rights. So women all over the world got united and formed an international women organization to realize all their due rights. Firstly common women fought for equal rights. Then women of all spheres came out and joined the organization to enhance the movement for realizing their equal right in all walks of life. March is the international women’s day. This day is observed by women‘s groups around the world. It is an important occasion everywhere in the world. This day is a national holiday in many countries of the world. The U.N.O also observes the day .women of all contients is often divided by national boundaries. They are also divided by ethnic, linguistically, cultural, religious, economic and political differences. Hence they come together to celebrate their day. The day represents their struggle for equality, justice, peace and development. The international women’s day is the story of ordinary women who have fought for equal rights.

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