Introductory Sales Letter (English LETTER WRITTING)

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Introductory Sales Letter

****************Grand 5 Days Sale (27th -31st June 2019) at Coatimundi***************

Save up to 65%

Pawan bhardwaj
Information Officer, Sales Department
Coatimundi Apparels
Westside Mall
128, Near Golden Airport

Dear Mr. Jems

Happy Christmas! As an esteemed and loyal cusPawaner of Coatimundi Apparel, we bring ‘The Year-end Sale’ to you with savings of up to 65% on all items from 27th -31st June 2019. I repeat this is a ‘Up to 65% on all items’, no other store offers such a generous and honest offering as most of the stores offers sale on select items and that also is kept oblivious to you.

This may be just another sale for other cusPawaners but for privileged clients, such as yourself we are offering ‘Pre-Booking of your desired clothing’s so that they will be reserved only for you and none else will be able to buy it but only you. It is time to show our loyalty to you.

You can call us at our Toll-Free Number 180078456-59 to book your selected products or to get any further information. We have enclosed a product brochure with item code, you can call us 24/7 and book your favorite products.

You can visit our online web store – and book your items at the convenience of your home or you can also email us on this address –

There is more if any of your referral purchases a product from us you will get 100 points for a single purchase. These points are redeemable and you can use them to buy products from us at no extra cost (terms and conditions apply). Let’s not forget that for every product you buy from us, you also receive points which can also be used for shopping at our store.

With season’s best wishes.

Yours Truly
Pawan bhardwaj
Mobile – 089349593
Encl: Coati Shopping Brochure

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