Is Television harmful to Society? – (For and Against)

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Is Television harmful to Society? – (For and Against)

The word television comes from two roots. The ‘tele’ part comes from the Greek word for far away. Vision comes from the Latin for to see. Thus, a television set is a device that enables us to watch programmes, films and much more.

Television has huge impact on Society. Television has both advantages and disadvantages. It is an audio-visual electronic device of the modern age. It has filled life with a new charm that can never be dismissed summarily as harmful.

It is a machine that lets us see things that come from far away. Let us analyze if it is something that is harmful or whether it can cause damage to society.

So, we might debate whether television is harmful:

  • Does it cause damage to us?
  • Does it have the potential to cause damage to us in the future?
  • Has it been damaging in the past?

Television, in itself, is not harmful. Television becomes harmful to the society when it is misused. The television is a domestic commodity of every house. It is a source of entertainment in hotels, restaurants, public places, railway stations, etc. It caters to the various needs of the society at large. Television has multiple channels and has a wide variety of programs.

Television shows can have different content. Some may be positively beneficial to us. Others may be shocking (e.g. violent) or harmful (e.g. propaganda for a harmful cause). The usage pattern of Television decides the outcome. Sometimes, the Television channels make a reckless display of semi-nude films, crime and rude behavior. The college and school students indulge in undesirable activities. The society at large becomes a prey of violence.

Sitting in a poor posture when watching television can harm our back and our eyes. If we become addicted to it, television can waste our time.

But, it is also through Television that we get information about the global investigations, conference of doctor, findings and remedies, etc.

It is the role of man who comes foremost. The TV has a powerful educative value. The quiz contests and intelligence programs to create consciousness of family control among the illiterate  are done though television. Many other such educative programmes are being done though the television to good effect.

The television is typically an explicit means of entertainment. In general it shut our mind out. We are habituated to watch television regularly. But we also allow our children to watch vulgar activities on television. We should understand how it goes against our culture. Hardly anybody think of the harmful effects of such programmes. Had it been a bad film on the cinema hall, perhaps we would make sure that our children are not going to see the film. But at home, we do not hesitate in passing our time over such vulgar and rude scenes with our children.

Apart from news channels, the reality show also gives massive exposure to showcase the talent. Television news channels acts like the voice of the nation.

To conclude, television is a great gift to our society. It is assumed that too much of exposure to the television screen is likely to damage our eyes. But a controlled use of television is a good practice. People should also make habit of splashing the eyes with water after watching television for a while.

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