Jaipur Gharana of Indian Classical Music essay

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Jaipur Gharana of Indian Classical Music

The Master figure of Jaipur Gharana of Indian classical Music was Mohammad Ali Khan ‘Manrang‘, followed, by his descendents Mohammad Khan and Ashiqali Khan. There is a view that the Patiala gharana branched off from Jaipur gharana. Another view is that it was shaped by the Gwalior gharana. A great exponent of this gharana was Alladia Khan originally from Atrauli (a bastion of Agra gharana) and later of Jaipur who gave Khayal music a totally new turn and direction. In this line came Bhurji Khan, Nisarali, Kesarbai, Mallikarjun Mansur, Nivritti Bua Sarnaik and others.

The Jaipur gharana is Dhrupad based in the vistar of its Khayals. The voice production is open but to some extent cultured. The compositions are brief. The Khayals are seldom sung in real Vilambit but mostly in Madhyalaya with fantastic use of boltans and layakari. The tanas are basically vakra” in pattern and call for tremendous appli­cation and practice.

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