Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah (1418-1433)

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Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah (1418-1433)

Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah was the ruler of Bengal. He was the son of Raja Ganesha. His early name was Jadu. In 1418, he ascended the throne of Bengal in his Muslim name – Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah . He ruled for a long period, from 1418 to 1433 A.D.

During the time of Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah, the whole of Bengal including Eastern Bengal and Chittagong, was under his authority. The coins issued by Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah established the fact that his kingdom had extended from Kusi-river in the north-west to Chittagong in the south-east and from Fatabad and Satgaon in the south to river Karatoa in the north-east. Even a part of Tripura and Rotasgarh in South Bihar were annexed by him.

Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah was undoubtedly a great king of this dynasty. He had healthy diplomatic relations with the rulers of Egypt , Afghanistan and China. He was a great patron of art and architecture and many beautiful buildings mosques and inns were built in his time. He maintained good relations with both the Muslims and the Hindus. He patronized learning and many Hindu scholars during his time found his favor. According to Cunningham, the Eklakhi edifice of Pandua which was assumed as his mausoleum undoubtedly was the beautiful specimen of Pathan architecture in Bengal.

After seventeen years of reign, Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah died in 1431 and was succeeded by his son Shams-ud-din Ahmad Shah who ruled for another eleven years.

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