‘Knowledge Itself is Power’ – Origin, Meaning and Explanation Origin: The famous proverb ‘ipsa scie

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‘Knowledge Itself is Power’ – Origin, Meaning and Explanation

Origin: The famous proverb ‘ipsa scientia potestas est” meaning ‘knowledge itself is power” was first quoted by Sir Francis Bacon.

Meaning: The phrase ‘knowledge itself is power” means that knowledge is the most powerful tool to achieve or do anything. If further means that the more knowledge a person acquires, the more control he is able to exercise upon others.

A person who takes decisions based on understanding, knowledge, and facts is bound to have edge over others. Well informed and well thought decisions carry calculable risks and open the doors for massive success.

Brief Explanation: Human-being’s insatiable hunger for knowledge makes him active and dynamic. He is not satisfied until he unveils the unknown.

Twin is the purpose of earning knowledge. Knowledge gives us joy and power. Knowledge empowers us to face the challenges of life. It emboldens us to bear with the stark realities of life with a calm of mind.

Knowledge also gives us immense power by dint of which we can master all. It makes us immensely inventive.

The following examples explain how knowledge empowers people:

  • The invention of almost every modern device has involved some form of technology. Technology is the practical application of scientific knowledge. Scientific knowledge is the key to major discoveries.
  • Mathematical knowledge empowers  a person to calculate and keep proper record to their valuables, resources and other things. A business person is able to keep record of his transactions. The knowledge of mathematics has empowered the business people to forecast the sales growth in number format.
  • Geographical knowledge enables a person to locate any place in this world. People can plan and tract their movement easily.
  • History makes us aware of past events. We learn a lot when we study the life of other people.
  • Knowledge of economics enables us to contribute towards both individual economic prosperity and national economic growth.

But power of knowledge often misleads us. The world has witnessed several wars and battles. This is undesirable. Let us hope that knowledge will make us powerful to promote our peace and prosperity in life.

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