Leisure In Bangladesh

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Leisure In Bangladesh

Leisure means time free from work of other activities. According to me a man should enjoy leisure. Otherwise life will be meaningless. Routine work makes life boring and monotonous, so leisure is essential to enjoy life. Village and city people have their own way of spending their leisure. Village people spend their leisure mostly by gossiping. When they get much leisure, they visit their relatives. They also spend their leisure by taking part in rural cultural activities such as jatra, jarigan sharigan kabigan etc. today they listen to radio and watch television. They also spend their leisure by arranging football tournaments and horse race, boat race etc. city people have ample opportunity to spend their leisure they watch TV , listen to music ,read books, visit the important places of the city , go to park ,zoo , clubs ,cinema halls and do many other activities. The common pastimes are listening to radio and watching TV. Since travelling is a part if education, I put much importance on travelling. It helps us to see the unseen and know the unknown.

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