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Leisure means the time when a man has nothing to do. Leisure is necessary to lead a healthy and happy life. It enables us to recover out lost freshness and energy. It affords an opportunity to escape from the hard reality of life and enjoy this fine world. City people spend their leisure by enjoying and doing many things. They play cricket, football, chess and many other games and sports. They visit the place of historical interest, go on picnic, and perform different cultural activities. They also spend their leisure by reading books, watching TV and listening music. Again they are busy with their hobbies during leisure. Nowadays they are found busy with computer. The old people spend their leisure time by reading books, newspapers and magazines. They also play at cards and chess. Sometimes they’re seen walking together in the morning. Most of them go back to the past, remember the past memories and chew the cud. On the other hand village people spend their leisure by gossiping, playing at cards, listening stories, enjoying garigan, sharigan, kabigan and by playing country games like ha-du- du etc. football game and watching television are the common sports and pastimes. The benefits of travelling are too many to describe here. It is an essential part of education. It increases our knowledge, gives us practical sense of places, people, and things, and broadens our outlook. Education, in the true sense of the term may be complete only by travelling.

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