Life of Street Hawkers in India

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Life of Street Hawkers in India

Street Hawkers are found in almost all the villages, towns and cities of India.

Roads are meant for the rich. They have their shops on main roads. How big and beautiful these shops are! But the poor can’t have any place even in lanes and street. The street-hawkers are not dwellers of these streets. They only move from street to street. But they are not travelers either. They do not travel in search of beauty and knowledge. They keep moving in search of bread.

Street Hawkers move from place to place day in and day out. They have also to carry heavy bundles on their backs or heads.

But how much are they able to earn? Not much, not even enough to live on. On the other hand, big businessmen earn enough even to waste. They work too little but earn too much.

You can see these hawkers here and there and everywhere in lanes and streets, on bus-stands, on railway platform and in railway compartments. They are seen moving even on village-roads across India. They look like walking-shops. They sell hundreds of things but mostly those that women and children like.

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