List of Major Oil Fields in India

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List of Major Oil Fields in India

Oilfields of India are of two types, namely On-shore Oil-fields and Off-shore Oil-fields. The list of major Oil Fields in India are given below:

1. On-shore Oil‑fields in North-Eastern India:

In Assam there are Digboi (oldest field, 1866), Naharkatiya, Moran, Rudrasagar, Galeki, Hugrijan, Angui and Lakwa fields.

There are oil-fields at Nigreu Oil-fields near Kharasang in Tirap district, in Arunachal Pradesh. In Nagaland oil­fields are at Borholla on the border between Nagaland and Assam.

2. On-shore Oil-fields in Western In­dia:

In Gujarat important fields are:

  • Anklesh war (largest field in the Khambhat Basin),
  • Kalol,
  • Navagam ,
  • Kosamba,
  • Barkol,
  • Dholaka,
  • Mehsana,
  • Kadi,
  • Ahmedabad and
  • Sanand fields.

3. On-shore Oil-fields in Southern India:

Godavari Basin, Kaveri Basin has become now a prospective oil-field of India. Oil­fields are at Narimanam, Kovilappal, etc.

Off-shore Oil-fields is in the Mumbai High region, out in the Arabian Sea, 152 km north-west of Mumbai City. The name of the rig installed here is Sagar Samrat.

Oil Mining States: Petroleum raising States of India are arranged in order of their annual production: Maharashtra (Mumbai High), Gujarat, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Arunachal Pradesh.

Potential Oil Mining regions: New oil and gas fields are expected to be opened up shortly in Tapti basin, Kaveri basin, Mahanadi basin, Manipur, Tripura, Andaman Islands, Satpura range, Vindhya Range and Rajasthan desert.

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