Living conditions in the rich and the poor

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Living conditions in the rich and the poor

There is a gulf of difference between the living conditions of the people of rice and poor countries. First of all most of the people of the poor countries are ignorant and they are devoid of their rights. Most of the people of rich countries are educated. So, they are aware of their rights. Secondly, majority of the people of poor countries can’t enjoy basic necessities of life. They suffer from malnutrition, hunger and diseases. On the other hand, these are no problems for the people of rich countries. They have all sorts of modern amenities like pure drinking water, nutrition’s food and modern medical facilities. Thirdly, the scientific and technological developments of the poor countries are very negligible. On the contrary tremendous development of science and technology has taken place in rich countries. Fourthly, different types of pollution like air pollution, sound pollution, water pollution have made the life of the people of the poor countries very miserable and risky. But pollution is far more less in rich countries. So, life there is less hazardous than life in poor countries, fifthly, there is no sufficient efficient recreation centers in rich countries are for more modern and sophisticated.

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