Lord Agni (Hindu God)

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Lord Agni (Hindu God)

Lord Agni is the god of fire and sacrifice among Hindus. The universe is believed to be composed of five elements of which Agni is one. The other four are: water, earth, ether (akasha) and air.

Lord Agni stands next to Indra in importance in the Vedas, being addressed in at least two hundred hymns.

Lord Agni is more closely associated with human life than any other deity. He is called Grihapati (Lord of house) and atithi, a guest in human dwellings. The priest while pouring butter on the sacrificial fire summons ‘Svaha”, the consort of Agni, by name.

The main job of Agni is to receive oblations when a yajna or sacrifice is conducted and carry them to respective deities. He is thus characteristically a ‘duta’ or messenger appointed by gods and men to be an ‘oblation-bearer’.

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