Lord Brahma (Bhagwan Brahma) – Hindu God

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Lord Brahma (Bhagwan Brahma) – Hindu God

Lord Brahma (also Bhagwan Brahma) is first among the Hindu Trinity of Gods. Brahman is the formless, ineffable divinity and Brahma is the creator with form, the begetter of the universe, the dynamic creative five-headed divine figure. His head represents the upper direction.

Lord Brahma is also described as growing out of the navel of Lord Vishnu, sitting on a lotus.

Lord Brahma, the Hindu God, created with his mind the seven sages (saptarishis) then the lesser prajapatis (the lords of creation). From them all moving and unmoving creatures came into being. His four front faces represent the four frontal directions and the fifth on his head represents the upper direction and the four hands represent four directions.

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