Machines: Meaning, Advantage, and Disadvantages essay

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Machines: Meaning, Advantage, and Disadvantages


A machine is a device that has been modified by the scientific world to help make work easier. It uses mechanical, electrical, thermal or chemical power to do a certain piece of work.

It is an apparatus that modifies force or motion to help do a particular job faster and better with more power than that of a human being. It magnifies the human physical and mental capabilities of performing tasks.

A machine can also be referred to as a combination of several moving parts that are put together to carry out activities. Machines are mostly used to do activities that require a lot of energy and effort for them to be done.

It can also be referred to as a tool or device that human beings use to go around with their day to day work. It helps them to work faster and accurately.

A machine can be fully or semi automatized depending on the task. The state of the machine determines the output production.

Advantages of machines.

1. Effective work.

When using a machine, the work is performed more effectively. The margin of error is much more minimized and there is added accuracy. A machine will never complain of being tired. The work done will be similar or through. Machines have become regular for domestic use such as dishwashers, lawn mowers, laundry machines and so much more that help save on time and money.

2. Efficient work.

Unlike human labor, a machine will be more efficient, there are no such things such as a lunch or tea break. A machine will run all through when it is well maintained. Man will work for a few hours a day, but with machines these hours can be doubled or even tripled to get more. Machines also play a greater role in industrial use. They help to save on time and money.

3. Machines are timely.

If a machine produces 100 loaves of bread an hour, that will always be the case day in day out. It does not reduce a long as it is well maintained. You do not run the risk of having late productions unlike dealing with human labor. Machines will always be at work.

4. Reliable.

Machines can be used for any task, be it heavy or delicate. Unlike human labor, machines will not complain of being tired at any time. They help to make work easier and eliminate the term impossible when it comes to heavy tasks.

5. Low cost of production.

When it comes to machines, the only thing you have to do is service them. For human labor you have to think of their salary and compensations such as, overtime, housing allowances, medical allowances and so much more. This therefore means that, when using machines, the cost of production is lower.

6. Decreased selling prices.

The use of machines has led to large-scale production. This then results in reduced costs of goods and services. Consumers are able to get services and goods at a cheaper price.

7. Urbanization.

Machinery has led to the increase in the building of factories and small towns have now become urban centers. It has led to the growth of towns in a rapid way and hence goods and services are readily available to the consumers.

8. Some machines are computer operated.

This means that you do not have to be there for them to work. This way it saves on time and also allows for you to engage in a number of activities in a day. Computers also eliminate the margin of error and interference.

Disadvantages of machines.

1. Over-dependence on machines.

Most of us just sit back and wait for machines to do everything for us. An example is the case of lighting and water. We depend on the water-works and powerhouses to generate water and light for us. This means that a small flaw would mean the supply would be cut off from a large number of people. Over-dependence can lead to serious damage and dislocation of normal life.

2. Job problem for unskilled workers.

Machines tend to take over manual jobs for the unskilled and semi-skilled workers. This means, many of them are left jobless since one machine can take the place of a number of these workers. When these people lack jobs it then leads to idleness. Most of them then take up immoral actions such as stealing creating a menace in the society.

3. Health problems.

Most of those who operate these machines run the risk of having health problems. Cases of respiratory diseases are the most common. This is because most machines produce energy, fumes and gases that are not conducive for the body. Other lead to cases of injuries on the body, such as fractures, cuts, wounds and the like. Some machines are also too noisy and loud leading to ear damage.

4. Excessive load on nature.

In cases such as generating electricity from waterfalls, means that there has to be enough water. The fumes and gases that are produced by the machines also give nature the task of purifying the air. All these cases lead to giving nature a tedious task to deal with. Greenhouse gases produced by machinery deplete the ozone layer which then leads to global warming and climate change. By the end of the day, nature pays for our machine inventions.

5. Loss of skills.

Since machines have taken over human jobs, people run the risk of losing their skills. The only skill needed is how to run machines. People become less involved in what they did best and are turned into machine and plant operators.

6. High cost.

The initial cost needed to get machinery is high. Not only that, you also have to think about the maintenance cost as well. By the end of the day, the acquisition and running of the machine take up a large amount of money for it to run smoothly.

7. High cost of living.

When goods and services are available in cheap prices due to the increase in production, it leads to a recession in the economy. This then leads to an increase in the cost of living adversely affecting the low income earners in the society.


Machines play a great role in the economy. In one way or another, we all depend on machines in our day to day life. The important thing is to consider how we can use them without putting nature at risk. With the developments and inventions that are coming up, machines will always be part of us. It is through machines that most countries have escaped from poverty. Investing in machines is a good thing, but only if it is not at the expense of nature.

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