Maharana Udai Singh

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Maharana Udai Singh

Maharana Udai Singh (also Rana Uday Singh) was the ruler of Mewar. Maharana Udai Singh was born on August 4, 1522 and died on February 28,1572. He is the founder of Udaipur City in Rajasthan. He built the famous City Palace in Udaipur.

Maharana Pratap Singh was the son of Maharana Udai Singh.

Maharana Udai Singh was the son of Rana Sangram Singh. After the death of Rana Sangram Singh, his elder son Rana Ratan Singh became the king. Rana Ratan Singh was killed and in his place Maharana Vikramaditya Singh became the king. Later Banbir killed Maharana Vikramaditya and further tried to Kill Maharana Udai Singh. The nurse of Maharana Udai Singh, Panna Dai, sacrifices her own son by placing him on the bed of  Udai Singh. Banbir killed the son of Panna Dai in place of Udai Singh.

Maharana Udai Singh was crowed as king in 1540. Chittor was the capital of Mewar. In September 1567 Akbar resolved to conquer Chittor. Mewar was the most powerful Kingdom of Rajasthan ruled by the Sisodias Rajputs.

Conquest of Chittor 

Maha Rana Uday Singh, the reigning Maharana of Mewar,was a brave soldier, and made commendable arrangements for the defense of his capital. Akbar arrived before the gigantic fort on October 23 and invested it, assigning different sectors of its wide circumference to his officers and establishing many batteries on various points. It looks about one month to complete the investigation. The siege lasted for a long time as each side was determined to achieve its object – Akbar to capture the fort and the Sisodias Rajputs to beat him back.


The Rajputs army of Maharana Udai Singh fought bravely were overpowered by the Mughal Army of Akbar.

Akbar entered the fort on February 24, 1568.  He appointed Asaf Khan Governor of Mewar, most of which was in the Rana’s hands, and then returned to Agra.

After the fall of Chittor, Maha Rana Udai Singh shifted his capital to Udaipur.

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