Major Cities in Gujarat

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Major Cities in Gujarat

The Major Cities in Gujarat are as follows: 

1. Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad  is the largest city of Gujarat. It stands on the bank of the Sabarmati River. It is the seventh largest city of India.

Ahmedabad is noted for its cotton textile industry and is popularly known as ‘the Manchester of India’. It is the largest industrial and commercial centre of Gujarat. Besides cotton textile, woolen textile, sugar, chemical and other industries have developed.

Ahmedabad is also a centre of Marathi culture and learning. Gandhinagar, the new capital of Gujarat state, is about 24 km north of this city.

2. Vadodara

It is the second largest city and industrial centre of Gujarat. Its former name was Baroda. It is fast growing as a leading industrial complex.

It has cotton textiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fertilizer and engineering industries. The Koyali oil refinery is not far off from this city.

3. Kandla

It is a major port of Gujarat and is located on the coast of the Gulf of Kachchh. It has developed as a free trade zone. This Free Trade zone has been created to facilitate the growth of trade and industries. A number of industries, such as, fertilizers, salt, chemicals and cotton textiles have been developed in this trade zone.

4. Surat

It is one of the largest cities of Gujarat and is located in the south-west, on the right bank of the Tapti River near the mouth of the Gulf of Khambhat. It was once a big port, but now it has lost its former glory due to heavy siltation in the river mouth and has reduced to a small river port (which works during high tide).

Surat is noted for handicrafts, jar works, ivory, embroidery, silk textiles, sandalwood carving and small engineering works.

5. Bharuch

It was formerly known as Broach. It is located on the right bank of the Narmada River and is not far from the Gulf of Khambhat. It is a growing industrial town. The notable industries are cotton textile, chemical and engineering.

6. Veraval

It is a port, located on the southern coast of the Kathiawar peninsula. It is a small town with small industries. The famous temple of Somnath is situated nearby. It is an important place of pilgrimage.

7. Dwarka

It is famous for the temple of Dwarakanath and is one of the most important pilgrim centers of the Hindus. It is located on the north-west coast of Kathiawar peninsula. Dwarka is also noted for its industries.

8. Bhuj

It is the largest town of the Kachchh peninsula and is located on its centre. It has engineering and agro-based industries.


Other important towns and ports of Gujarat are: (i) Okha (lies on the north-western Kathiawar coast and exports cotton), (ii) Porbandar (is located on western Kathiawar coast and is noted for the birth place of Mahatma Gandhi), (iii) Rajkot, (iv) Bhavnagar, (v) Jamnagar, (vi) Junagadh (vii) Amreli, (viii) Mahesana, (ix) Surendranagar and (x) Himatnagar.

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