‘Make hay while the sun shines’ – Meaning, Explanation, and Teachings

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‘Make hay while the sun shines’ – Meaning, Explanation, and Teachings

Its meaning: The phrase, ‘make hay while the sun shines” is an old English proverb. It means, ‘If we get an opportunity, we must act fast enough to seize the opportunity before the lapse or expiration of the opportunity.”

The proverbs means that:

  • Early action is essential for making the best use of opportunities. 
  • Missed opportunities are lost forever. 
  • People may not get another chance to complete the work left undone. 

We should act in time to get the best out of available opportunities. We should take full advantages of the favorable environment or opportunity. If we delay in action, then chances are that we may miss those opportunities.

Brief explanation: Hay should be made while the sun shines bright. It is much easier for the farmer to make hay during sunny days that when it rains. The hay cannot be dried during night, or when the sky is clouded, or during rainy days.

Seasons are ever changing. The climate does not remain same all the year round. If the farmed neglect to make during sunny days, then he may not find suitable time for making hay in the future.

Thus, a farmer should take full advantage of the sunny days when the sun is bright. He cannot wait for the cloudy or rainy days for making hays. He has to act fast enough in making his hay when the weather is favorable.

Human life is comparable to weather. Life like the weather is uncertain. Therefore, we should not fall into the habit of procrastination and delay the things for tomorrow. Instead, we should be ever-ready to ‘strike while the iron is hot”. Great opportunities rarely repeat themselves. We may achieve great success and build great fortune if we sincerely try to make the most of a favorable situation.

Teachings: The proverb has a very deep teaching with it. It teaches that a person should remain alert to seize the every opportunity while these are with his grasp. Success comes to those who make the most of his opportunities.

Conclusion: Hence, we should cultivate the habit of doing things in time. Without wasting a single moment, we should work day and night to turn opportunities into realities.

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