Mangrove Forests in India

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Mangrove Forests in India

In India, Mangrove forests are found in tidal creaks. They specially occur in the lower part of the delta of Ganga. Here the forest is called Sundarban. The plants are trees in these forests must be able to stand salinity in water, mud and the rise and fall of water with the income and egress of tides.

Keya bush (Keora) stands on stilts for a firm grip. Attached to the roots are tubes which come out of the mud to allow the plants to breath. They are called pneumatophores. In some trees a small plants grow from the seeds, when it is still in the tree. It also grows a stab, so that when the plant fall down the stab gets fixed up in the mud and the tree is ready to face its environment. Such a plant is called viviparous.

Sundry, a large tree having a very strong and heavy timber is found here. Other trees are Garan and Geva. Gol pata is collected for thatching.

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