Manures and Fertilizers made of Neem essay

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Manures and Fertilizers made of Neem

Neem Manures and Fertilizers are now commercially available. Some are reinforced organic manures that  contains neem cake as one of the ingredients during composting. Neem tonic for many crops are also available in the market.

Neem pesticidal are also used to reduce the leaching losses of nitrogen by forming a coating over it.

Neem Extract Coated Urea containing nimbin, nimbidin and nimbinin is suitable for both short-duration as well as for long-duration crops. Its application in paddy at the time of puddling, sugarcane (both basal and top-dressing) and deep placement in most application situations are recommended.

A ready to use neem-based urea coating agent is also available. The extract contains tetranortriterpenoid and is self-adhesive coating on urea pills. It reduces losses of fertilizer nitrogen through leaching and denitrification. In turn, this results in improved fertilizer nitrogen utilization and enhanced yields of crops depending upon crop and soil-type.

Nimin coated urea can be prepared by simple hand-mixing or mechanical mixtures. It has shown remarkable acceptance by Indian farmers.

Soil conditioners comprises of several agricultural wastes such as neem cake powder, bagasse powder and rice husk powder. It is reported to improve the general soil health, provides nutrients and release of nitrogen slowly.

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