Marketing: Its Meaning and Importance

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Marketing: It’s Meaning and Importance

Marketing is the process of selling products and services. Marketing strategies usually involve identifying what customers (or potential customers need), and then demonstrating that a given company meets that demand.

Marketing can be done via advertisements online, in print media, on the TV or on the radio. Billboards and leaflets can also be used for marketing purposes, as can face to face encounters (of the kind conducted by door to door salesmen).

Marketing is an essential aspect of any business strategy. Below, we explain the importance of marketing to business, and detail the benefits and advantages that marketing can bring to your business.

Why is Marketing Important?

1. Profit.

When it is successful, a good marketing strategy induces sales, and a good marketing strategy can considerably boost a firm’s profits. In short, marketing results in increased sales which in turn results in a higher turnover.

2. Branding.

A creative and strong marketing strategy is great for companies that want to build a brand value. Marketing helps to communicate your brand values and aims to the general public. You want everyone to know your brand name – and brand promotion strategies are thus essential to marketing. They make our brand memorable and encourage consumers to think of it as a ‘household name’.

3. Adaptable.

There are different types of marketing techniques. Each of them gives you a psychological advantage in consumers’ minds. So, one of the main ways in which marketing is so important for your business is that it is a flexible and adaptable phenomenon that enables your business to rise to any occasion. Whatever the world throws at you, marketing can provide the answer! There are many ways to show your consumers that you are there for them in the right place at the right time. Choose the perfect marketing strategy to present the right message for the occasion.

4. Connecting with businesses.

Marketing is essential for building links with fellow businesses. Business to business marketing (also known as B2B marketing) is a great way of ensuring that your company has a high standing among your peers in the business world. Marketing is not just something that enables us to communicate with the general public – it is essential that other businesses see us as trustworthy, business savvy, and good to work with. In the future, we may want to work in partnership with them.

5. Connecting with consumers.

B2C marketing, or business to consumer marketing, is the type of marketing that enables you to connect directly with your customers. Focusing on this type of marketing ensures that you build strong, authentic and long lasting relationships with customers. After all, you want all of those new customers that you first attracted with your marketing strategies to keep on coming back to your business time and time again.


Marketing is extremely important, in more ways than you may initially have thought. As well as communicating your brand’s values and good qualities to the general public, it also helps to enhance your standing in the business world. Your marketing strategy could be the thing that makes or breaks your business, so it is essential to appreciate its significance from the word go!

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